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Spanning over three decades, Aexeous was conceived for a very dark purpose.  It evolved into a non-lethal, human interactive, teaching and entertainment machine.  It was originally designed to detect, locate, confront and take down an intruder at any cost for high security areas.  It accomplished this in a very strange and complex manner but it worked!  I will try to explain some of Aexeous' secrets from conception to creation.  Keep in mind, this thing was fully autonomous and no remote control was used AT ALL.  

I will try to dig up as many archived photos as possible to post on this site as often as I can.  


"In the beginning, let there be madness!"

Price:  $2,200,000 (1,950,641 Euros)

Shipping and Handling will be the responsibility of the buyer.  Serious buyers only.


J. G. Silva is a technology-based artist.  He began his artistic journey throughout school and started his own company, Silvacross, in the early 1980’s.  The focus of his creations at that time included designing self-intelligent robotics using shapes and forms to blend into their surroundings. His work allowed him to produce a number of machines for military, law enforcement and security applications.  Silva is also the creator of the 12ft 800lb Aexeous (pronounced AX-EE-US) used for robotics demonstrations featured in RI Monthly Magazine in 2010.  You can read the article following this link:

Travelling throughout the New England area for two years, Silva brought Aexeous to schools for educational demonstrations.  He was also hired by schools to be a guest speaker as well as a panel speaker at several conventions sharing his message of motivation and inspiration to students about their career paths in the technology field as well as discussing the importance of design and its functionality.  One of his demonstrations can be seen when he visited a school in Hampsted, NH by clicking on the following link:

His success with Aexeous brought him to new heights as he performed at the New York ComicCon in 2010.  Attending the second largest convention in the United States boasting an average attendance of over 75,000 visitors for three consecutive days, Silva was interviewed extensively and provided an impressive demonstration to the conventions guests.  The resulting popularity warranted a distinctly honorable invitation to exhibit Aexeous in the Jacob Javis center’s lobby area during the convention.  His appearance also generated a meeting later that year with Marvel Comics.

Taking his vision of Aexeous to another level, he hired his then wife, Christin Silva to write a fictional book series based on Aexeous as a central character in an exciting sci-fi book entitled HORDS.  Silva used his illustrator talents to provide artwork for the book and copies were sold at events and conventions.

One of the things that make Silva a unique artist is his ability to incorporate a diverse use of mediums into his creations.  He has the ability to convert raw material both vintage and modern, blending and transforming them while using organic materials such as wood as well as exotic composites.  He intertwines these elements with his own distinctive style and adds metal and natural fabrics creating one of a kind works of functional art from furniture design to his metal in motion artwork.

This year, Silva has decided to make his one one-of-a-kind robotic masterpiece available for sale.  It is the first time it has ever been offered for purchase to the public. 

So if you want to own a piece of technological history as well as an outstanding statement piece of artwork, contact us today to work out the details.

Thank you.

*Bio information taken from articles and publications.  All rights reserved.   


Aexeous has been in existence for over three decades and was originally conceived for a darker purpose.

Aexeous was designed to be a top secret security robot for the military.  However, when that project fell through, he essentially became a fully autonomous, non-lethal human interactive machine with a higher purpose.  

Today, Aexeous is a vintage robotic sculpture that is visually stunning.  Standing at an impressive height of 21 feet (including the base) it immediately commands attention.  You are captivated by all of the intricate hand-made details which make this truly a one-of-a-kind piece of technological history past, present and future.

Aexeous is attached to an aluminum and steel base with wire-like copper vines intertwined around it along with meticulously detailed hands, head, legs and body.  Every piece that comprises Aexeous is cut by hand using re-purposed materials.  He is easily movable and can be posed in many different ways with his articulated arms and head.

This magnificent sculpture would make an artistic statement piece inside a corporate facility, lobby, museum or technological company.   He would also make an incredible addition to any private art collection.   

Contact us today and allow us to answer any questions you may have and to work out the details on how to acquire this wondrous piece of artistic expression. 


If you are a serious art collector and wish to procure one of the most incredible robotic creations ever made that showcases the history of technology, contact us today for more details.